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Les Liasons Dangereuses

Meg Andorra's LiveJournal

yes is a pleasant country.
15 December 1988
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Meg is a twenty-two year old college student studying English. She is a reader, writer, roleplayer, and occasional graphic artist. For a more detailed account of her life, visit her IJ.

boys with curly hair, cheaper tickets, damien rice, everything happened in history, everything has art, everything in creation, harry potter, i am the scavenger, irving penn, lady gaga, late-night reading, london - london town, nodaks aren't real, perfervid declarations of affection, post-colonialism, professor burns's hobo clothes, raphie, roberta joan mitchell, rodin's 'the kiss', sarcasm and cake, skins, smoking, south park, speaking reading writing french, the cornish seaside, things i didn't know, tori amos, travel, wasting time online, would you rather?, writing